Winter day fun...

We are definitely feeling the WINTER weather this week.  It is C.O.L.D....COLD!  Little Bit has been out of school due to cold weather so she has been coming to Preschool with me....cause we have still been in session.  This week we are talking about snow and snowmen.  Here are a couple of fun activities we have done that would be great to do with your kiddos at home when you are couped up due to the cold!

Do you want to build a snowman?...cotton rounds for body, buttons for eyes, ribbon pieces for scarves, little sticks for arms, foam cut into hats and triangle "carrot" noses.

Sparkly snow sensory tray...I saw this on Pinterest.  Instead of salt I used sugar and glitter.  I let the kids use their finger to draw in the "snow".  Then use a pencil to form shapes.

Shaving cream....This makes great faux snow and the kids have a blast with it!  Plus it is easy clean up!!!  They can have fun just playing in it with their hands but it's also fun to drive cars in the "snow" or walk animals through it to make tracks!  

I hope you enjoy these fun, indoor winter ideas!   

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