{Bubbles} Preschool Unit...

Bubbles and bubble gum are things that make me think of summer.  They remind me of being outside and enjoying the carefree time summer brings.  Here are a few preschool ideas I gathered to do on those summer days when your little one need a fun activity! 

Bubble gum listening page – Print the bubble gum page and then follow these instructions.  Tell your child they will have to listen for the instructions you give.  Color 3 gumballs red, color 4 gumballs blue, color 3 gumballs yellow, color 3 gumballs green, color 2 gumballs orange, color 2 gumballs purple, count how many are left, color them any color you choose.

Circle painting – Cut a couple toilet paper tubes in half.  Kids can dip the tube in paint and stamp it on paper to create circles or bubbles!

Bubble gum, Bubble gum – This is a fun rhyme and different way to practice counting.  You’ll just need some blocks, or pom poms in a bowl to represent the bubble gum.  Then lead your child in the chant shown in the link, roll a dice or show them a number and they count that many pieces of “bubble gum”.

Shape matching – Print the bubble game shape matching activity.  Cut out the shapes along the bottom and then have your child match the shape to the correct bubble gum machine.

Rainbow bubble foam – If you want to be adventurous, get out your bubble bath and hand mixer for this fun activity!

Blow bubbles – Get outside and blow bubbles for your child to pop.  At school they always go crazy over chasing the bubbles and popping them!  If you don’t have any bubbles, try making your own!  You can also make a wand out of pipe cleaners!

Bubble number identification - Grab some chalk and get outside!  Draw some good sized circles on the sidewalk or driveway and put a number inside each one.  Have your kids jump inside the bubbles, shouting out the number as they jump!  You can also have your kids practice drawing circles with the chalk!  

And of course, some songs and books...

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler
Bubble Factory by Tomi DePaola


{Checking Out} and Tracking Books to Read...

I always love to have a reading list of books I want to read and usually have quite the stack.  I find that in the summer I read more often, probably because I have more time.  Although I think I'm more of a book collector than reader...LOL!  

The notes pages in the back of my Erin Condren planner are perfect for tracking what books I WANT to read and what books I actually end up reading!  I used this hexagon section to track books I want to read.  

I used one of the lined notes pages to adhere this cute printable.  Here I keep track of the books I actually read.  I should be through more of them by now with all my extra time but somehow I'm not!  Oh well, I have ALL summer!

Here are some free printables if you are interested in creating a similar page...option 1option 2 & option 3!

With our current pandemic circumstances how do you get the books you want to read or any books at all?  I don't like to buy every book I read.  I usually utilize the local library.  I know most libraries are currently closed but our local library is going to offer curbside pickup very soon!  They also have digital downloads available from their online catalog. 

You can also check your town for little libraries.  These are stand alone structures that usually look like giant bird houses...lol!  The idea is to take a book when you need one, but also to leave a book when you can.  We have one in our subdivision.  Plus there are several more in the neighboring town.  Not all little libraries are registered but you can try searching for some in your area here.

Some other ideas to get books are borrow from friends via porch drop offs and/or check Google and Amazon for free downloads. I also love checking the Dollar Tree. If you are venturing out, they sometimes have great titles for only a buck!

What's currently on your to read list?


Summer Schedule

This is the last week of school for my daughter.  She is in 6th grade and can pretty much take care of her school work all on her own.  She has been really good at getting online and making herself a checklist of what she needs to accomplish each day.  I just check in to make sure she gets to her zooms on time and has everything completed.

It has been so good to have a "schedule" of sorts to get school done at home.  I was so glad when she came up with the idea of a summer schedule!  She created this all on her own and I was so proud!  I just helped her laminate the sheet after she created it.  This way she can use a dry erase marker and check off the items once she's completed them each day.  

She is taking a couple honors classes next year that will have summer work, so that is the math and ELA on the chart.  Then she also needs to practice piano and read every day.  The "jar" idea was also hers.  Basically like an "I'm bored" jar.  

She cut a bunch of strips of paper and wrote ideas of things to do each day.  Some examples of items on her papers were...

Write a chapter
Diamond art
Make bracelets
Spiral graph
Make slime
Draw & Color
Make a painting

She has multiples of each one, with enough strips for one each day of summer.  

I'm really proud of her for coming up with this.  I think having a plan each day will help the summer go more smoothly.  I love having a schedule and not having to come up with something everyday or worry about wasting time on electronics all day!  This is especially helpful this year with not being able to get out like usual.  Do you have a summer plan yet?  Get your child involved and see what ideas they might have!


{Superhero} Preschool Unit...

Last week was our last week of preschool.  Our topic was SUPERHEROES!  Here are a few ideas from our unit that your kiddo might enjoy.  These are great if you need some activities to keep them busy and learning!  I hope you have a SUPER start to your summer!

Remember that God’s Love is Super!   1 John 4:12: No one has ever seen GOD;  but if we LOVE one another, GOD lives in us and his LOVE is made complete in us.

Shield painting – Print this super hero shield.  Use a white crayon and write “God’s Love is Super” inside the shield.  Then let your child use watercolor paints to fill in the shield.  The secret message in white crayon will resist the paint and reveal the wonderful message!

Super Hero - Print this coloring page.  There is a girl and boy, print the one that is appropriate for your child.  Then have them color it how they would look as a super hero.  When they are done, ask them “what their super power would be” and fill it in on the line provided. 

Build a city – Use any kind of blocks you have to build a city.  Then grab some super hero figures or any kind of figures and have them guard and protect the city. 

Super Hero Counting - Print this page of numbers and the super hero count pages.  Have your child cut out the numbers.  Then count the super heroes and find the number that matches.  Glue the matching number in the box beside the super hero.   Have them do the first super hero page, then the second if they need more of a challenge.

Make a mask – Print out the page and have your child decorate the mask they like best.  They could use crayons, markers, stickers, etc.  Then help them cut it out.  They should be able to cut around the outside, you cut out the holes for their eyes.  Then punch holes to add string for tying it on. 

Super Hero cuffs – Give your child a toilet paper tube.  Let them decorate it with markers or paint but you’ll have to wait for it to dry.  Then cut the tube in half, creating two pieces of tube.  Then cut a slit up one side of the tube, creating a cuff the child can open and get around their wrists. 

Pretend to be a super hero – Use your mask and cuffs to pretend to be a super hero.  If you have a cape, put that on too.  Or make one with a blanket or towel. 

Super Hero training - Set up a wall of boxes to run and knock down. Blow bubbles with your super breath.  Toss some paper wads or small items into the yard or on the floor and have your little hero pick them up with tongs and put them in a bucket or box-- that's getting rid of the meteorite chunks that could weaken our hero.  Don't forget to practice flying and super spins while you're at it!

How to Be a SuperHero by Sue Fliess
Super Duck by Jez Alborough
SUPERTRUCK by Stephen Savage