DIY {sharpie t-shirt}

Go Broncos, go Broncos go!  We are big Peyton Manning fans...so we are super excited that the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl.  The hubs and I both have Broncos shirts and are ready for the big game but Little Bit needs one too, right?!  Sharpie art to the rescue!

I had bought this white shirt for another project but didn't end up using it.  So it was perfect for my Sharpie shirt!  I started by printing the Broncos logo the size I wanted.  Then I placed it in between the front and back panels of the shirt, centering it where I thought it looked good. 

Then I started with my blue marker and began outlining the pattern.  I just took short strokes, holding the shirt in place as I went along. 

Once you have your outlines, then the coloring in begins.  Little Bit even helped out on this step!

Here is the final product!  I am pretty excited with how it turned out and Little Bit is thrilled to have a new shirt!!! ;)  Now we are ALL ready for the big game.  Go Peyton and the Broncos!!!

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