free owl print!

“Pretty Bird” Darling Baby Owl Printable Illustration

You know my love of owls....so you can guess how super excited I was to see this freebie my friend Lisa informed me of....A FREE OWL PRINT from Very Jane {deal from Kathryn Divine}! I have downloaded it and saved it to my computer. I am going to try having it printed at Walgreens later this week! This will make another great addition to the other owl artwork in Little Bit's room!

Hurry if you want this because it looks like they are only giving away a limited quantity for free!


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ cheese ravioli, bread, salad

Tuesday ~ chicken fajitas, refried beans, chips & salsa

Wednesday ~ paprika salmon, baked potatoes, green beans

Thursday ~ scrambled eggs, english muffins, sausage, fruit

Friday ~ subdivision yard sale......pizza night!

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{egg-cellent} easter ideas...

Easter is just around the corner so I thought I would share a couple books we've been reading...

Max Counts His Chickens by Rosemary Wells
Happy Easter, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff
Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes

We are on vacation this week so we didn't get around to making any crafts or special snacks but here are a few on our "to make" list!


at the beach...

It's vacation time!...and looks like we picked a great time to leave town. Cold weather, rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes making their way through our town...yikes! But here in Destin, it is sunny and high 70s! ;)
After 12 hours in the car we finally made it to the beach! Little Bit was so excited...she couldn't wait to get her feet in the sand!!!

We checked out a few books about the beach before we left for vacation....a favorite of ours is Ladybug Girl at the Beach by David Soman. Little Bit so reminded me of Ladybug Girl as she was running in and out of the ocean, arms spread wide! Here she is with her big blue bucket....ready to dig up some sand.


Letter Vv

"V" topics...vulture, vegetables

{Circle Time}
Calendar...Talk about the month and days of the week and put sticker on the day we are discussing.

Reading...days of the week book...Monday Run-Day by Nick Sharratt
...theme books...My "v" Book by Jane Belk Moncure
Kiss Me, I'm Vulture by Richard Hefter
The Surprise Garden by Zoe Hall
No More Vegetables by Nicole Rubel
Scarlette Beane by Karen Wallace
Rabbit Food by Susanna Gretz

Songs/Rhymes...The V says...

{Letter Craft}
V is for Vulture...{this one is my design}

Coloring...Letter Vv

Letter Identification...
find the letter worksheet
...do a dot letter printables
...build a T with craft sticks

Spelling...Little Bit is still loving to spell her name! She loves to play a game called Dora's World Adventure. Most of the time she doesn't even get into the game, she just wants to type names in over and over at the beginning of the game! She is awesome at spelling her name, mom, dad and then she wants to wants help spelling a few of her friends names.

Vulture...vulture paper craft. Little Bit colored all the pieces of the vulture....her favorite color purple or violet!...and then I cut them out and she pieced it together and glued it on some construction paper. We named her Violet the Vulture!
Vegetables...I printed this chart so we could keep track of the veggies we at this week. Little Bit identified the veggies we ate and then said what color it was. She used that color to fill in the box on the coordinating day. Since we had corn on Monday, she used yellow to color in a box on that day.
...We did our own version of this shopping game. Little Bit gathered all the play veggies she had and we identified them and then had fun shopping for them.
Activity shelf...vegetable identification; sorting shells by big and little; pom pom transfer w/tweezers into a strawberry ice cube tray, color shade matching; pom pom transfer to suction mat; clock puzzle; tower building with green and yellow foam cubes; green sensory box {filled with green things....shape buttons, jewels, pom poms, bottle caps, foam animals, green dish}; rice bin with rake and race car; shape matching using our shaped buttons and dollar store banners that I cut apart.

Computer time...Starfall {we worked in the ABC section with the letter V}
...Little Bit also loves to get in some computer time when we go the library. They have computers set up in the children's area with games, stories, etc. She loves working on Jump Start PreK!


dress to skirt refashion...

I was in the Dollar Tree several weeks ago and saw this baby dress. I thought it was some cute fabric and so for $1 I got it to do something with.

I got the biggest size they had which was 18-24 months, basically just for more fabric to work with. After looking at the way it was made I decided to turn it into a skirt for Little Bit!

I started by using a seam ripper to remove the straps from the back of the dress.

Then I cut the top part off the dress, so the front and back were now even.

The back already had some elastic in it, so I just hemmed the part I cut off and tada....a finished skirt!

Here is my little model striking a pose in her new outfit! I found an off white shirt at Target to go with the skirt. We paired that with some brown leggings she already had.

This project was {SEW} simple and turned out super cute!!!

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Allegra at Meijer...

Product Image
Spring has sprung and I can tell because my eyes are itching and watery! If you are like me and have seasonal allergies you know it is time to stock up on the medication! I have been taking Allegra and until just recently it was available through prescription only. Well now it is available over the counter and you can find it at your local Meijer!

Here are some coupons....just print and save on your next Allegra purchase!

Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday ~ paprika salmon, baked potatoes, green beans

Wednesday ~ chicken patties, tater tots, pb celery

Thursday ~ cheese ravioli, bread, fruit

Friday ~ leftovers

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scrap club {jan & feb}

Well it has only taken me 3 months but I have completed 2 layouts for 2011! Both are using scrapbooking kits as I have done in previous years. To find out more information about the 2011 kits check out Jamie's Stamping Cafe.

Here is my version of the January layout. You can see Jamie's layout here. I just love this sewing line.....it is {sew} cute!

I had a few leftovers from the kit, so I decided to make a quick card. The green card base and button paper were leftovers. I just added the brown and white cardstock and some embroidery floss from my stash.

My take on the February kit. Check out Jamie's here.


decorating is for the {birds}...

I got on a bird kick this spring with my decor. They seem to be the "in" thing right now and there are so many cute ones out there! Here is a look at some thrifty bird art I made for my living room.
Here is a close up of the bird art on the mantel. I found a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper at Michaels on clearance for 15 cents! It was a block style piece of paper with several birds, leaves, words, etc. So I cut 3 birds out and framed them! I just used frames I had on hand, making them work the best I could.

This one sits on top of a bookcase in the room, along with a metal vase filled with flowers and a pic of Little Bit.

I added some ribbon to this frame so it could hang from a hook on this shelf. Since this frame was oval and my bird wasn't quite large enough to fill the frame, I added a mat with some faux stitching detail.

Super cute and thrifty art!!!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ ditalini pasta with sausage, salad, bread

Tuesday ~ veggie noodle soup, toasted cheese

Wednesday ~ paprika salmon, baked potatoes, green beans

Friday ~ dinner on the go...

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more {target} love!

Have I mentioned how much I love Target?!!! ;) It is pretty much mine and Little Bits favorite place to shop and just hang out! Well a few weeks ago I got an email from them with a link to request a free bag of beauty samples. It came in the mail today....yay! I just love fun mail and free stuff to boot!
Hopefully you were able to snag this great freebie as well.