Christmas at Disney

I know I haven't posted for awhile but I'm still here.  Life just happens and blogging gets pushed aside.  I wanted to share some pics from our recent trip to Florida.  

This is the first time we have visited Disney during the Christmas season.  We LOVED it!  If you are thinking of planning a trip I highly recommend this time of year.  One stop we made were the streets of New York in Hollywood Studios for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights....amazing!!!

This was also the first time we attended a special party night put on at the Magic Kingdom.  We attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  There are special characters and Christmas costumes just for this event.  Free hot chocolate and cookies!  The Jungle Cruise is transformed to the Jingle Cruise.  A special Christmas parade.

Seeing the seven dwarfs was top on our list!  The line gets extremely long for them so we jumped in early and were visiting with them in no time!  So worth the wait....they are too cute!

Elsa & Anna were also top on the list of must sees.  We had met Anna when we were in Disneyland in May.  BUT Elsa is Little Bit's favorite so we waited in yet another line.  The joy on her face when meeting them was worth it though! 

One of my favorites was watching the lighting of the castle.  Isn't this just breathtaking?! 

I'm already dreaming of the next Disney adventure! ;)


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ hamburgers, chips, pickles
Tuesday ~ crockpot beef stew, bread, fruit
Wednesday ~ fish sticks, mac & cheese, salad
Thursday ~ turkey pot pies, fruit salad
Friday ~ dinner on the go!

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Preschool 1 2 3

Many of you know that I am a preschool teacher.  I've heard many parents struggle with the fact of whether to send their child to preschool or not.  I am a strong advocate for early learning for your little ones whether it's at a preschool or at home.  I remember several years ago when I was entering into the preschool years with Little Bit....thinking "I know she's old enough for preschool, now what?!"  Which preschool do you choose, when do you start looking, how do I know if my child is ready? 

My goal is to share some preschool posts periodically that might be fun and informative.  I will offer you my views as a mom and as a teacher.

I hadn't started teaching yet when my daughter was entering preschool so I really was clueless to the whole preschool process.  I had vaguely remembered one friend telling me that most registrations begin sometime after the start of the new year....like February or March maybe.  This was shocking to me....school doesn't start until September and you have to register in February.  That means a month or so before February you should research preschools and visit them.  WOW!  So you might be registering before you child has even turned 3!

I had a mindset of what days I thought my daughter should go to school.  I thought for the 3s she would go Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Then in the 4s she would go Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Well let me just tell you that classes fill up fast and sometimes you don't get what you want.  We ended up getting in a little late in the game and had to settle for afternoons.  BUT we LOVED it!  Even though it wasn't what I thought I wanted, it worked great for our schedule.  So don't forget to be open to new ideas than what you might have had your mind set on.  They could turn out to be blessings!  


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ taquitos, mexican rice, chips & guac
Tuesday ~ ham & beans, corn bread, salad
Wednesday ~ grilled burgers, tater tots, corn, pickles
Thursday ~ turkey pot pies, fruit salad
Friday ~ crockpot beef stew, bread, fruit

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