NEW {Erin Condren} monthly notes pages...

I recently received my Erin Condren planner for 2017-18.  It goes from July '17 to June '18.  With July right around the corner I have been flipping through the nice thicker pages, getting ideas of how to use certain parts of my planner.  The notes pages at the beginning of each month were first on my list to determine a use for.  These pages are altered slightly from the notes pages in the previous year's planners.  

I went through a few of my older planners, watched some you tube videos and started making a list of possible ideas for these pages.  Here is what I came up with for July...

I started by writing the month in script at the top left.  Then I wrote my headers in the circles.  I chose to use monthly goals, birthdays, events, and blog/instagram posts.  Other ideas you could use might be...work, finances, projects, tasks, memories, thankful for.  You could also do some sort of "currently"...watching, listening, reading, loving, etc.  

Next I used my ruler, which comes with the planner, and drew some lines to separate the space under the circles.  These will become my columns to write in, one directly under each header.  I used a sticker from the designer sticker book at the bottom of the columns.  For the bottom box I decided it was the perfect place to write a bible verse that I could meditate on for the month.  

Please share what you do currently or are planning to use these pages in your planner for.  If you would like to see a video detailing the new planner and some of the accessories, check out my friend Jamie's walk through here.  Are you interested in ordering an Erin Condren Life Planner for yourself?  If so you can save $10 by clicking here!