Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ breakfast for dinner...oatmeal, toast w/honey, fruit
Tuesday ~ chili, peanut butter sandwiches, fruit
Wednesday ~ peanut chicken, steamed edamame, fruit 
Thursday ~ oriental chicken salad, fruit
Friday ~ dinner on the go 

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Changing plans...

Even the best laid plans get changed.  When you write something in your planner and then you have to change it you might think, but it's in pen, what do I do?!  When I first started planning, I debated what to write with.  I thought about a pencil but preferred a pen.  So I tried an erasable pen but I didn't love how it wrote.  So I quickly switched to something different, but then I had my first change to make.  Ugh!  

White out tape and rectangle labels quickly became my friend!  I use the white out tape to cover up the mistake or change.  Then put a white label, cut to size, over it.  Now you can write the correct information and even add some stickers to spruce it up!

I know I'm not the only one with this problem.  How do you make changes or corrections in your planner?  Also, what is your favorite pen/pens to use in your planner?


Prepare for Preschool

It's almost time for those preschool doors to open up!  Transitioning into preschool can be a tough time for parents and their child.  I've got a few tips that will helpfully make for a smooth school year!

Meet the teacher | Most preschools have an open house or meet the teacher night a week or so before school starts.  Plan on attending!  This will give your child a chance to get a look at their classroom, meet their teacher and see other kids who will be in their class.

Backpack and books | Take your child shopping for a new backpack before school starts.  This will help get them excited if they have some say in what backpack they get to carry each day.  You could also check out some books from the library about going to school.

Communicate | Talk to your child about preschool and what they can expect.  Ask them if there is anything they are afraid of and reassure them that there is always someone around who can help.  Let them know all the fun things they will learn and new friends they will make.  You could even play pretend preschool at home to help get them excited!

Practice separation |  If your child hasn't been away from you very often, try and have a baby sitter, grandparent or even friend watch your child for short periods to get them used to being separated from you.

Independence | In preschool your child will be learning to do things on their own.  They are capable of doing way more than we give them credit for!  Let them pick out and put on their own clothes, put on their own coat, pick up their toys after playing, They could also help at dinner time by putting napkins on the table or passing out the silverware.

Make time | When you pick your child up from preschool, spend some time talking to them about their day.  They might not freely offer up too much information so just ask a few questions to get them started.  Go through their backpack and see what art work or learning activities they did that day.  It is also helpful to talk to them about memories you might have from your preschool years.

Just leave | When it comes time to drop your child off for the first day of school make your goodbyes brief.  Give hugs, kisses, high fives, whatever you choose and then leave.  Your child may cry some but it doesn't last long before they are distracted by a cool toy or activity.

Just remember that your child may need some time adjusting to starting preschool.  Give them your full attention whenever possible, talk and ask them questions and let them know how proud of them you are for going to school.


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ hamburgers, pickles, sweet potato fries, fruit
Tuesday ~ pesto pasta w/mushrooms, salad, garlic bread
Wednesday ~ sausage cups, fried potatoes, fruit
Thursday ~ pizza, salad, fruit
Friday ~ taquitos, refried beans, rice, 

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Back to school outfit planning...

Little Bit goes back to school in 1 week!  I can't believe that summer is almost over and that she is going to be in 3rd grade!  We've crossed things off our summer bucket list and got school supplies in the backpack.  Now we are starting to get back in a routine around the house.  One thing that saves us on school mornings is having clothes laid out the night before.  On Sundays we take some time to outfit plan for the week.  When we first started doing this several years ago we hung them in the closet by day of the week.  Each hanger had a gallon ziplock bag attached with the day of the week on it.  This held socks, shorts, accessories, etc.

Then we moved to a shelf method, which we are currently using.  We hung little tags on each shelf and laid the clothes on the appropriate day.  Little Bit loves using this method and it is continuing to work well for us. 

A few other ideas I found on Pinterest are below...

This cloth hanging shelf would be great in the closet.  It's similar to the shelf system we use above.

I also think this drawer system is a great way to organize outfits for the week.  I love that they have a shoe drawer also. 

If you are limited on closet space, this under the bed sorting system might be a great solution for you!  

If I had tons of wall space, I would use this system for me!  The chalkboards above the hooks let you write notes about the day as well.

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