Family Fun for $2.00

Today my hubby and I put the baby in the stroller and took a walk. We had heard that one of the restaurants in town was having a promo day and giving lunch for $1.00 per person. So of course we had to check it out. We walked uptown.....saving on gas money and getting our exercise...to see if it was for real. It was great!!! You could choose from italian beef, bbq, hot dogs, or brats. Then there were side options of chips, slaw, potato salad and baked beans. Finally a drink and dessert! What a great afternoon of family fun for only $2.00!!!


Free panty deals...

Don't forget to get your free Jockey panties from Macy's this week. More info here.

...And while you are at the mall...might as well score another pair of free panties. Print this coupon from Victoria's Secret to get $10 off any bra and a free pair of panties!

Deals of the Day...Walgreens

I wasn't going to use the Walgreen's $10 off $30 coupon today until I read my friend Jamie's blog. Her post reminded me about the Huggies mail in rebate that was extended until June 15th. I thought the deal was sooooooo good, I ran to Walgreens in between storm fronts. Not too long after I got back the tornado sirens started going off! How crazy am I?!!
I got 3 packages of Huggies and a box of Excedrin for $15.63. Plus I can do the mail in rebate and get $5.00 back....making the total only $10.63. That is about .11 per diaper!!!
Now I can't wait for the Pampers deal at CVS starting Sunday! Another great diaper stockupportunity!!!


More Freebies........

Time for some more freebies! I love getting the mail each day....I never know what goodies are going to be in there. Today I got a free Playtex bottle that I had requested a while ago. It was an 8 oz bottle with 5 liners and a coupon for $1.00 off a box of liners!

Dove Shine Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

DenTek Gift Pack

Nature Made Multi Complete Liquid Softgel

Package of 10 DVD+R from OFFICE DEPOT

Let me know of any great freebies you have gotten recently.

Menu Plan Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We took a day trip to St. Louis on Sunday and then to a cookout with friends on Monday.

Monday ~ cookout with our small group

Tuesday ~ italian sampler, salad, strawberry shortcake

Wednesday ~ ham, harvest potatoes, salad

Thursday ~ tilapia, ramen noodles, apple slices

Friday ~ hawaiian chicken, rice

Visit Org Junkie for more recipes!

Lemon Garlic Salmon

3 cloves pressed garlic
6 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 salmon fillets

In a heavy duty resealable ziploc bag combine all ingredients except salmon. Seal bag and use hands to mix together. Add salmon to bag and let marinate in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Remove salmon from bag, place in a baking dish and pour marinade mixture over fish. Bake @ 425 degrees F for 15-20 minutes.

Deals from the Weekend...!!!

If you live within driving distance to St. Louis, MO and you are looking for something fun to do this week....check out the Missouri Botanical Garden. Our family took a day trip on Sunday and visited the Garden in between the raindrops! It is $8/person to get in but if you live in Illinois, there is a special through Saturday where Illinois residents receive two-for-one admission! We really had a great time!


Deals of the Day...Walgreens

Ok, so Walgreens charges you tax on the before coupon price....guess I never really paid attention before. I am used to CVS where your whole total, tax and all keeps coming down with each ECB that you use. Anyways...after all the sales, WG coupons, manufacturer coupons and my leftover RR...I only owed tax! So I got 2 OFF Lamps and a refill pack for $1.17!


Friday Walgreens Deal!

Does everyone have their $5 off $20 Walgreens coupon printed and ready to go for tomorrow?!

Well, if you don't know what to get try this deal...
2 - OFF PowerPad Lamps 8.99 ea. - 2 ($1 ES coupon) - B1G1 coupon here.
1 - OFF PowerPad refills pack 5.99 - $1 ES coupon - $1 manf. coupon that prints with the above B1G1.

Will help keep the bugs away this weekend for your Memorial Day cookouts!


Menu Plan Monday

I know it isn't Monday anymore but thought I would post my menu anyway!

Update on last week's menu...I was going to make honey coconut salmon but wanted something a little quicker so I found a new recipe for lemon garlic salmon. I really liked it! Don't know if it is better than the honey coconut recipe but it is much lighter. Both recipes will stay in my favs pile! Will post recipe later this week and you can try it and see what you think!

Monday ~ cookout with our small group

Tuesday ~ pot pies, strawberry shortcake

Wednesday ~ tacos, refried beans, rice

Thursday ~ polish sausage, chips, pickles

Friday ~ calzone, salad, fruit

Visit Org Junkie for more recipes!

Deals of the Day...Walgreens, Meijer

I had P&G Register Rewards that were expiring so I made it to Walgreens and used them. I didn't really see much in the ad that we needed so I just browsed the store, looking for deals I could pair with coupons. I ended up getting everything pictured above plus a bag of chips....after coupons and rebates I made .12 cents on the deal!!!

Just went into Meijer to pick up a couple things for this weeks menu. Found some decent deals while I was there.

...Aunt Millie's Bread - B1G1 plus I had coupons for .35 off each...$1.24 each.

...Kraft shredded cheese - $1.84....no coupons but needed it...still good deal.

...Onion & Chive cream cheese - $1.25...no coupons but needed to make deviled eggs for cookout.

...Pillsbury rolls & biscuits - $2.50 each plus I had coupons for .50 & .75 off.

...Bagelfuls - $1.67 plus I had $1.00 off coupon...$.67!! They also had peelies by the case for .55 off.

What great deals did you find this week?

Free CD offer from Zantac

If you took advantage of the free Zantac deal at Wal-mart like I did you can now make that deal even sweeter! Just go to this website, select a CD from the list of options, enter a UPC from any Zantac product and you will get the CD for free! How about that deal. This could make a nice Father's Day gift.


Free dressing and other coupons....

Have you received your copy of Summer 2008 Kraft Food & Family magazine yet? If so...check out page 28 for your coupon for a free bottle of Kraft salad dressing. There are also a few other coupons inside for over $4 in savings. In the Spring issue there was a South Beach booklet with coupons for $6 in savings. What a great free magazine full of tips, yummo recipes, coupons and more!!!

If you don't get Kraft Food & Family magazine...what are you waiting for? Sign up here now!

Fast food freebies!

I took advantage of the freebies at McDonalds yesterday. They were offering their new Southern Style Chicken Sandwich for free with any medium or large drink purchase. I have been wanting to try it and the biscuit one for a while now. I thought the sandwich was pretty good. So I got the sandwich, medium drink and small fry for about $2.50. Not too bad.

Here is another great fast food freebie....Frutista Freeze from Taco Bell. Print this coupon and try the new drink for free with any purchase. You have until 6/19 to take advantage of this offer!


Teriyaki Beef Steak

....had this last night and it was great! The flavors in the marinade work so well together. If you try it, let me know what you think!

1/2 cup teriyaki sauce
1/4 cup sliced green onions
2 garlic cloves, pressed
1 Tbsp honey
1 1/2 pound beef flank steak**

In a heavy duty resealable ziploc bag combine teriyaki sauce, onion, garlic and honey. Seal bag and use hands to mix together.

Add steak to bag with marinade mixture. Seal and turn to coat steaks. Let marinate in refrigerator for anywhere from 4 hours to overnight.

Remove steak from bag and discard marinade. Place steak on preheated grill. Cook to desired doneness!

**This is what the recipe called for but I used 2 individual sized fairly cheap steaks. I think anything would do. I also tenderized the steaks with my meat mallet before placing them in the marinade. They turned out very tender and tasty!


Menu Plan Monday

Honey coconut salmon is back this week! Yummo! If you haven't tried it yet, make sure you add it to your menu soon!

Monday ~ italian sampler.....cheese tortellini, toasted ravioli, garlic toast, salad

Tuesday ~ teriyaki beef steak, green beans, ramen noodles

Wednesday ~ pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn

Thursday ~ honey coconut salmon, rice, fruit

Friday ~ chicken patties, chips, fruit

Visit Org Junkie for more recipes!

Baby Food Deals at Meijer

Buy any 5 Gerber baby food products, get $1.00 off with this Meijer coupon. (5/11-5/21)

Nature's Goodness 2nd foods - $.35 each
(Sign up here to receive coupons and special offers from Nature's Goodness)

10% off all Meijer Little Puffs, Little Fruits, and Fruit Bars

Check out other Meijer deals here...Meijer Gallon Milk is $2.77!)


Glamourous Deals!

Check out a couple of these great Glamour promotions:

Great Looks Are In The Bag......Need an excuse for a CVS/pharmacy shopping spree? Buy any of the products listed here and you’ll receive this hip black tote filled with summer beauty essentials!

The Brilliant Mouth™
The powerful line of REMBRANDT® whitening products provides uncompromising whitening performance allowing you to step into the spotlight with confidence. Make the first move towards your Brilliant Mouth™ today.

Click here to receive a REMBRANDT® coupon.
Click here to receive a special gift from REMBRANDT®and Glamour.


Menu Plan Monday

Another quickie menu for this week. We are going to be out of town again so trying to keep it simple. Hope to try out some new stuff next week.

Monday ~ fish sticks, mac & cheese

Tuesday ~ pasta, salad, garlic toast

Wednesday ~ hamburgers, cornflake potato casserole, grapes

Thursday ~ pot pies, fruit salad

Visit Org Junkie for more recipes!


Creative Corner..."Thankful" for crops!

Here is one of the pages I created last night. This page couldn't have been any cheaper. The paper is from a fall pack I got at Target in the $1 section. The leaves were from a larger piece and I just cut out individual ones to use on this page. The ribbon was just left over scraps from other projects. (I keep a Ziploc bag with all my ribbon scraps...you never know when an inch or so of ribbon will come in handy!) The tag I actually punched at the Creative Memories booth during the crop. It just happened to match this page I was working on! I finished it off with a rhinestone brad. Brads and ribbon are some of my favorite embellishments! What about you? Leave me a comment on what your favorites to use are.

I won a door prize!

The crop last night was great! I won a door prize!!! Pictured at the left, it is a small craft tote and eyelet setter kit. The tote is so cute, with all kinds of little compartments. I had actually been wanting to get one to keep on my scrap table with scissors, pens, ruler, etc... I am looking forward to filling it up!
Also, I got about 10 pages done, found some great bargains and had some fun girl time!


It's time to Scrap!!!

National Scrapbook Day is HERE! My stuff is packed and I am about ready to leave for a crop. Hope to get lots of stuff done and have some pages to post in the coming week. Make sure you get some scrap time in today also!


Creative Corner...thank you card

This card is on it's way to Tiffany at My Crafty World. I was lucky enough to win some blog candy from her! It was a Stampin' Up jumbo wheel and handle. I used it to create this card.

Thanks Tiffany!

Meijer MealBox

If you regularly shop at Meijer you will want to check out this new site they have created...Meijer MealBox. You can build a customized shopping list from the weekly sales or from the hundreds of recipes that they have available. There is a meal planner that you can drag and drop recipes into. Also, there are coupons you can print out. All you have to do is create an account with Meijer. To access the coupons you just click on specials and then coupons. The only downside I have seen so far is it prints one coupon per page. Has anyone discovered a way to print more than one at a time?

I paired several of these coupons with weekly sales for some great savings this week. Check out my post on that here.

Creative Corner...jornaling

What is wrong with this layout? At first glance you might think, "Nothing, it is WAY cute!" :) But look closer...there is no journaling! Did I mention this page is 2 years old!
I can't stress enough how important journaling is to your scrapbooks. I have to admit that it is my least favorite part of the scrapbooking process, but it adds sooooo much to the page. I am embarrassed to tell you that I recently discovered my 2006 album lacks journaling on almost every layout. One of my goals this month is to get writing!!!

Walgreens Free 8x10, May 7 ONLY

Mark your calendars, get a free 8x10 photo from Walgreens on Wednesday, May 7 with coupon code 4MOM. Hey, who says you can't get a Mother's Day gift for yourself? Just upload your photo and place your order on the day the offer is valid. Then pick up your free photo at your convenience any time after that, it will be absolutely free.

...I will definitely be taking advantage of this offer!

Deals of the Day...Kmart, Meijer

What a day for deals! All this for less than $25!!!

Yesterday my friend Jamie and I were out and about. Our main goal was to try and get some deals at CVS. They didn't end up having what we wanted so we were off to see what else we could fine.

Kmart was a big hit. They had many items on clearance and some we matched with coupons. A few highlights....Jones 12 packs ~$1.00 and Hershey's 100 calorie packs ~75 cents!

Then we were off to Meijer. Did you know that they have printable coupons??? We just discovered them. I will post more about them later. We paired many of these coupons with weekly sales. A few highlights...spaghetti sauce ~ 50 cents, dry pasta ~ 17 cents, chocolate chips ~50 cents, graham crackers ~67 cents!

Remember....check clearance racks and pair coupons with sales to save big!!!