nail polish organization...

My nail polish collection has been growing since receiving all the wonderful Essie collections to try out and review.  {I do love the Essie nail polish and all the wonderful colors!!!}  I had been storing all my polish in the medicine cabinet but it was overflowing and I couldn't see all the colors.  

 Then I received this batch of colors and they sat on the counter for a while....waiting for a new home.

While in Dollar General one day I saw this container in the summery plastic ware aisle.   It was labeled as a double food container {can't remember the exact name} and it was $5.....so I thought I'd give it a try.  I really wanted something clear but it was hard finding something the right depth with layers and what not....plus this has a nifty little handle if I need to tote it somewhere!

Here is what the insides look like.  In the green shorter one, I put all my tools I use when doing nails....cuticle sticks, files, clippers, vitamin E oil, lotion, toe separaters {not picutred}, etc.  Then in the deeper blue one I have all my polishes.  I tried to organize them by colors the best I could.

Now anytime Little Bit or myself need our nails done, I can just grab the containers and we have everything at our fingertips we might need to pretty up our fingertips....hehe!

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Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ hot dogs, chips, strawberries
Tuesday ~ brauts, chips, carrots
Wednesday ~ chicken caesar burgers, chips & salsa, corn on the cob
Thursday ~ beef tortellini, salad, garlic bread
Friday ~ pork loin, green beans, mashed potatoes

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simple strawberry {shortcake}

Twinkies were on sale so I picked some up at the store.  I wanted a quick dessert last night after our family cookout.  I decided to cut one of the Twinkies up and top it with some cut up strawberries!  It was yummo....just as if I had some shortcake and cool whip...maybe better!  The next time you have Twinkies and strawberries on hand, give it a try!  {or better yet, run out and get some just to try it! ;)}


Menu Plan Monday

So it turns out this week is {foods that start with "S" week}!  The first 2 things I came up with were "S" foods, so I had to continue it throughout the week! ;)  Thursday is a new recipe I'm trying...sweet & sour chicken in the crockpot. 

Monday ~ sloppy joes, chips, strawberries, sauteed zucchini
Tuesday ~ salmon {honey teriyaki}, green beans, mashed potatoes
Wednesday ~ spaghetti & meatballs, salad, garlic bread
Thursday ~ sweet & sour chicken, rice
Friday ~ sausage cups, eggs, fruit

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project {life}...weeks 10 & 11

Week 10...
I am trying to get caught up, really I am.  It has just been hard to find time to craft lately with being out of town some and keeping our house clean and picked up for the showings!  When I drag out all my stuff I like to be able to leave it out for a few days.  But I've been itching to craft so I might just have to clean up after myself!  These 2 layouts I did at a crop I went to a couple weeks ago.

This layout shows some lunch with friends, playing paper dolls, measuring furniture and our basement walls! 

I got my first order from Elle's Studio this week {and am using a few of the snippets and pennants on this layout ;)}!   It also highlights a trip to visit family and see my sister play volleyball.

Week 11...
Fun play times and a spur of the moment weekend getaway! This is the layout with an insert.

Here it is without the insert.

A little bit of this and that...just like the title says!  Basement floor and plumbing, approved!  Kite flying and park play with daddy.  Fun with friends!

Here is the insert....playing at the park on the left and trip to Branson on the right!

This layout highlights more pics from the Branson trip....Silver Dollar City, mini golf and a fun show!

I really like to include things that I collect from our trips, or even just the day to day happenings of life.  Here I have shown 3 things I used to help tell the story of our Branson trip...part of a paper sack, paper from the condo we stayed and the mini golf score card!  I save receipts, brochures, business cards, paper menus, coloring pages, etc...anything that I think might come in handy when I'm documenting our memories!


happy {mother's} day!

To all the mom's out there....hope you have a wonderful day!  I have enjoyed a wonderful church service, yummo lunch, hanging out with the fam....and now I'm getting a little bit of my craft on!  ;)  

I made 2 variations of this card for our moms and grandmothers. I used some Basic Grey paper from the Offbeat line.  I also used some scraps of Stampin Up paper and the Martha Stewart anywhere butterfly punch.  I was inspired by a card I found on Pinterest.


{mint} to be...

This week is teacher appreciation week....plus it is close to the end of school.  {Little Bit only has 1 more week!}  So what better time to give your teacher a little something to let them know how much they are appreciated.  

I have seen several wonderful gift ideas on Pinterest.  My favorite idea was to give a reusable cup filled with some goodies!  In my head I was thinking summer essentials.  I always have to have my chapstick and hand sanitizer, plus who doesn't love a good nail color and some chocolate! 

When I found the Nivea mint & minerals chapstick and the nectarine mint hand sanitizer, I decided on my "mint" theme.  Then I added the mint colored nail polish and the Andes mints to finish it off!

I made this cute little banner by printing the saying in Word and then cutting it out in the banner shape.  Then I mounted it on some mint colored cardstock and added some slits to thread on the straw.

Here is the finished gift....I just love how it came together!  {Little Bit's teacher did too!}

What fun gifts did you come up with for your kids' teachers?

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old couch, new couch....house for sale!

On Tuesday we said goodbye to the first couch we bought just a few months before we were married.  We wanted something new for our new house.  Here is the hubs sitting on the couch one last time before we sent it off to it's new home...

Then on Friday our new couch and chair came....I just love that chair!

Also on Friday, our house was listed on the market....and we had the first showing on Sunday!  This moving business is getting too real!  ;)
So needless to say...we have been BUSY having garage sales, cleaning, packing and getting the house in order...all while keeping up with daily life and decisions on the new house.  {I finally have a few minutes to sit at the computer and catch up a bit!} ;)


chicken bundles

I saw the original recipe for these on Pinterest and thought they looked fun to try.  Here is the recipe I like to use. 

4 oz cream cheese, softened
1 1/2 cup cooked shredded chicken
1 package ranch seasoning
1/4 cup shredded cheese
1/2 cup crumbled bacon
2 cans crescent rolls

Combine all ingredients except the crescent rolls and mix well.

Open the crescent rolls, do not divide into triangles.  Keep every 2 triangles together, you will have 8 rectangles.  Pinch the seams closed and pat each one out into a larger square.

Put a large spoonful of the chicken mixture in the center of each square.  Fold the corners up into the center, enclosing all the mixture inside the crescent roll.  {I like to spritz each bundle with a little oil or butter and then sprinkle some garlic salt and parsley on top before baking.}

Place on a lightly greased baking sheet and bake at 375 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown.....enjoy!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ chicken bundles, rice, green beans
Tuesday ~ sausage cups, eggs, fruit
Wednesday ~ pesto penne, salad, garlic bread
Thursday ~ honey coconut salmon, green beans, mashed potatoes
Friday ~ pizza night!

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more {essie} love!

I recently received another great selection of Essie nail polishes to try out from Meijer.  I was surprised to get a cute little journal in the box as well!  I am a sucker for a good journal!

The colors in the spring collection are navigate her, tour de finance, to buy or not to buy, orange it's obvious!, a crewed interest and ole caliente.  Three of which are pastels and three bright.  They are all super cute and Little Bit and I couldn't wait to try them out!

These are the 2 she picked to start with.  We painted her nails with the pink and did orange polka dots.  {She is into design nails these days!}  I forgot to take a picture though...oops!

We did them a second time and she picked green for the base and then purple for a stripe down the center!  Too cute!  I painted my nails with the green too....but didn't get a very good pic.  The color is a little out of my normal comfort zone but I really liked it. 

Then we decided to paint our toes to match using the tour de finance hot pink color.

We both love the Essie nail polish and all the fun colors!  Can't wait to try out another fun combination!  Thanks again to Meijer and Essie for the opportunity.