Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ fish sticks, mac & cheese, carrots
Tuesday ~ chicken & wild rice soup, bread
Wednesday ~ cheesy pasta w/zucchini, bread
Thursday ~ mickey pancakes, bacon, fruit
Friday ~ pizza night!

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Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ bacon mac & cheese, bread, fruit
Tuesday ~ chicken tacos, guacamole, refried beans
Wednesday ~ dinner date with Little Bit
Thursday ~ egg mcmuffins, tater tots, fruit
Friday ~ almond coconut tilapia, green beans, rice

Linking up with Org Junkie...check them out for more recipes.


STAINMASTER stain removers at Meijer

Meijer is teaming up with STAINMASTER to offer a brand new stain remover line.  The new line includes carpet, pet, and rug stain removers.  Have you ever wondered why you can clean a stain and sometimes later you can still see that spot again?  Well, some stain removers can leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt over time.  The breakthrough technology of the new STAINMASTER line is designed to remove tough stains and repel dirt to protect against resoiling.  This helps keep your carpet looking its best!  

We have a rug in our mudroom that get all kinds of dirt and grime tracked on it.  There was a spot of ground in mud that was the perfect candidate for me to test out the stain remover.  I sprayed some on the spot and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Then I used a damp paper towel and dry paper towel to soak up the stain and cleaner.  The spot was gone!  One thing I really like is that the smell of the cleaner is fairly mild.  I have used some stain removers before that gave me a headache they were so strong.  The mild smell is a big plus in my book.  

Make sure you stop by your local Meijer and pick up a bottle of your own to try.  Now through October 10 you can clip an mPerks coupon for $.50 off a 22 oz. bottle.  Just sign in to your mPerks account, click on coupons and then type STAINMASTER in the search box.  

STAINMASTER would love to hear what you think too.  So after you pick up a bottle and try the product write your own review here.   
While I received a free sample of the product to try and was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.   


After school snacks

My daughter gets home from school and immediately heads to the kitchen looking for a snack.  With dinner right around the corner, I want to give her something that won’t spoil her appetite for a healthy meal.  She is a pretty picky eater but these snack options get her seal of approval! 
Cheese!  Our current favorite is a cheese wedge with pretzels or wheat thins.  Cheese sticks are also a quick and easy option.  

Fruits & veggies…Keep it washed and easily accessible so your kids will be more likely to grab it.  My daughter loves snacking on baby carrots, grapes, bananas and apple slices.  You could even have some fruit kabobs ready and waiting in the fridge!  Or what about frozen bananas rolled in yogurt or chocolate?!  

Muffins…My daughter loves helping me bake.  One of her favorite things to make and snack on are pumpkin muffins.  Just use the cake mix of your choice and a can of pumpkin…so simple!  Her favorites are spice cake and chocolate.   These freeze well also, so make a big batch and get out a few at a time for snacking. 
Nutella…This is great by the spoonful or with fruit.  But we like to make cookie sandwiches.  Using either graham crackers or Nilla wafers, spread on some Nutella add a slice of banana and enjoy! 

Yogurt…We usually have Yogurt tubes on hand most often.  If your kids need a bit of crunch with their yogurt try topping it with a bit of granola.

Popcorn…Either plain or with add-ins!  It is fun to mix it up by creating your own snack mix.  Start with a base of your favorite popcorn, then add pretzels, cheez it’s, goldfish, m&m’s, chocolate chips, raisins or other dried fruit, or fruit snacks/bites.  Have your kids help make this, then put it in individual baggies or containers for a grab and go snack!  

I’ve found that to be the key with after school snacks.  Create portions that your kids can easily grab and enjoy!  This way you have control over the size of their snacks.  Also, make sure your child is involved in the snack planning.  Sit them down and make a shopping list for things to buy or make.  This will ensure you have snacks they will love ready when they come running!  

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