family cooking night!

A couple weeks ago the hubs brought up the idea of a family cooking night.  One night a week we would all work together on preparing a dinner.  Little Bit loved the idea...she is such a good helper!  Now to come up with a meal that all of us would enjoy and be able to have a part in the making........

The hubs got out one of my cookbooks and landed on the recipe for Maryland fried chicken.  It had several steps and plenty for the three of us to do. 

We needed cracker crumbs....Little Bit loved beating the crackers to create our crumb mixture!
She has also been wanting to crack eggs ever since we read Eloise Breaks Some Eggs!  Lucky for her we needed eggs for this recipe!

The hubs got the job of de-skinning the chicken.  Fun stuff!  ;)  He did a great job!

After I dipped the chicken pieces into the egg wash I laid them in the crumb mixture and Little Bit would cover them up.  

Then we were ready to fry!
Our chicken stuck to the pan a bit but still turned out pretty darn tasty!  Little Bit said she was a great cook!  LOL!  

So glad to be getting her in the kitchen more and creating fun family memories together!!! 


{FREE} eggs

Meijer has another free mPerks offer for us this week....FREE eggs!  


Just log into your mPerks account, enter the offer code FREEEGGS, then clip your coupon for Meijer brand Grade A large eggs.
The offer is valid from today, July 29 through Aug. 1, 2013.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~tacos, refried beans, guacamole
Tuesday ~  pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, bread
Wednesday ~ anniversary dinner out!
Thursday ~ pizza, salad
Friday ~ chicken ceasar burgers, tater tots, corn

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{FREE} 2-liter!

I wanted to let you know that Meijer is offering a FREE 2-Liter bottle of Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7up products this week through the mPerks digital coupon program. This is a great deal that you want to miss!  I picked mine up earlier today!
To redeem, simply enter the code freepop (one word, no spaces) here: http://bit.ly/mPerksMysteryOffer
The offer is valid starting today through Thursday, July 25...so hurry and snag your freebie today!
If you don't already have an mPerks account, signing up is easy and free. Visit https://mPerks.Meijer.com to create your account.  Then, sign in to mPerks online or use the Meijer mobile app to access mPerks on your smartphone.  Browse the coupons and rewards and digitally clip them.  Next step, shop, buying the items you have clipped coupons for!  When you are ready to checkout, enter your mPerks number and the savings will show up on your receipt!  It's that simple. 


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ fish sticks, mac&cheese, salad
Tuesday ~  chicken, spinach & mushroom lasagna, salad, bread
Wednesday ~ baked monte cristos w/raspberry sauce, fries
Thursday ~ cheesy chicken orzo, salad, bread
Friday ~ coconut curry soup, paninis, fruit

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{school supply} deals are on!

Little Bit is more than excited to be starting Kindergarten this fall. She has been ready forever it seems.  As for me...I'm getting there...she'll always be my baby girl.  But since she has a late September birthday we have had almost 6 great years at home together that I am so thankful for!  

Well...school supplies sections and sales are beginning this week!  Whether you have a little one getting ready for school, need supplies for around the house, or just love new paper and pens...{or all of the above, that's ME!}...get out there and get shopping!

Our first purchase was glue!  Little Bit needs 6 glue sticks and a bottle of liquid glue.  Glue sticks can usually be found for 25 cents each at Walmart.  These 2 packs were 50 cents each at Meijer.  I also saw them at Target for the same price.  The liquid glue was 50 cents also. 
Expo dry erase markers are also on her list.  These can be pricy...so I especially wanted to find a good deal on these.  This week they are on sale at Office Max for $1.00 for a 4 pack!  The kicker is you have to have the in ad coupon.  Well we don't get the paper, therefore I didn't have the ad.  I tried to just go in the store and pick up an ad.  They had the ads but not the coupons.  A worker told me they were only in the paper....bummer.  But the hubs to the rescue!  He asked if I had checked online.  Of course not...but I quickly did and found out I could get them online for the $1.00 price, select in store pick up and they were ready for me to pick up in a couple hours! 

I also added a 12 pack of black sharpie markers to my cart that were $1.00 on sale.  I use these at school frequently and a good deal is usually 2 or 3 markers for $1.00...so this is an amazing deal!

Last up for us this week was a backpack.  Toys R Us has a deal this week when you buy a backpack priced $12.99 or higher you get a free lunch bag.  Little Bit is all about Lalaloopsy.  We found a lunch bag early this year at Target that she had to have.  So now we needed a backpack to go with it...lol!  And we found one...Crumbs Sugar Cookie to the rescue!  ;)  Since she already had a lunch bag, I got the free one for me to use! 

Have you scored any good school supply deals yet this summer? 


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ chicken fajitas, refried beans, rice, guac & chips
Tuesday ~  tilapia sticks, mac&cheese, salad
Wednesday ~ meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
Thursday ~ teriyaki pork chops, sauteed zucchini, rice
Friday ~ chicken ceasar burgers, tater tots, corn

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{WASH}i letters

I spend more time in the laundry room than I like to...who doesn't, really?!  So I wanted it to be cute and fun to be in!  

My main decor focus was on the large wall above my counter.  We painted the walls a nice yellow which I new would go with some of the decor I had made for our previous laundry room.  I started off with the fabric banner and hung it up.  Then set the wash, dry, fold, repeat art on the counter. 

I knew I wanted a word on the wall.  Once I decided on the word WASH I picked up some paper mache letters at Joann fabrics and covered them with washi tape!  I used the same technique I did on my M in my craft room.

I really love how they turned out and the pop of color it adds to the space!

I also found this cute bible verse printable and hung it on a small wall above my iron! 

Have you {washied} anything lately?  ;)


{super} girl...

Little Bit has been wanting a new cape to play with.  I made her one several years ago but the neck bothered her and it wasn't quite long enough anymore.  Luckily I had seen and pinned an idea for one not that long ago.  So...as fast as a speeding bullet we were off to get supplies!  ;)

All it takes is an adult Large or Extra Large shirt and something to decorate it with.  We got our shirt from Hobby Lobby.  They are only $3.99 and usually on sale or you can use a coupon.  Plus they have lots of colors to choose from.  I let Little Bit pick the color shirt she wanted...we got an adult large because it looked plenty big for her. 

Now to cut!  I started at the back bottom left, just to the right of the side seam.  I cut up all the way to the shoulder, about 2 inches away from the neckline.  Then I cut around the neck of the shirt, making sure to leave the neck hole in tact.  Once you get to the other shoulder cut all the way down the back until you reach the bottom of the shirt.

Tada...now you have a wonderfully soft and easy to get on and off super girl {or boy} cape!  :)

We then took puff paints and got to decorating!  Little Bit really wanted to do the painting herself but the paints have to be shaken and squeezed just right, so she ended up telling me which color to use and what to draw!  Waiting for the paint to dry was the hardest part! 

Now she's off to save the day!

{Sidenote....We saved the rest of the shirt.  You should have been left with the sleeves attached to the front panel.  It would make a great smock wearing it with the panel in the front.  Or wear it the other way as a pretend doctors coat!  We had fun decorating it too while we had the paints out!}

Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ pancakes, bacon, fruit
Tuesday ~  tacos, refried beans, chips & salsa
Wednesday ~ chicken ceasar burgers, tater tots, corn
Thursday ~ BBQ pork chops, green beans, rice
Friday ~ tilapia sticks, mac&cheese, salad

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