Menu Plan Monday

A new year is starting this week and I have a confession to make....I have been slacking in the menu planning category.  I think I got in a rut and didn't know what to make.  So I just got out of the habit of planning meals ahead of time.  But let me tell you that it is so much easier to plan for the week, I do this on Sunday, and then know what I need to buy at the store and lay out for each day.  So, I'm doing my best to get back in the habit!

Besides posting my menus here on the blog, I also write it out on a dry erase menu board that sits on my kitchen counter.   I have found some other cute ideas for a menu board on Pinterest.  I was using what I had and it works well for my space.

Monday ~ hamburgers, sweet potato fries, pickles
Tuesday ~ cheese ravioli, salad, bread
Wednesday ~ New Years Eve snacks
Thursday ~chicken & cheese taquitos, rice, guac & chips
Friday ~ orange-ginger tilapia, green beans, potatoes

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

What a wonderful time of year!   I just love Christmas, celebrating Jesus and retelling the story of his birth, singing hymns at church and Christmas songs on the radio!   I also love getting to see family and friends that we don't see very often. 

Even though the holiday itself is over in the blink of an eye,  I hope you are enjoying these days after to reflect on the past year and what lies ahead in 2015. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours!


boot refashion

So...who else has a child that scuffs their shoes the first or second time they wear them?!  It is so frustrating.  The number one reason I refuse to pay full price for kid shoes if I don't have to.  I buy most of Little Bit's shoes on clearance in the off season.

Enter the tan boots.  I scored these beauties on clearance at Target for around $6.  But the first time she wore them they were scuffed!  So I put my craftiness to the test and tried my hand at making them beautiful again. 
I taped off the toe area, spread on a layer of Mod Podge, sprinkled with glitter, then added another layer of Mod Podge, glitter and Mod Podge.  I let it dry about 20 minutes in between first and second coat.  Then the next day I added a 3rd spot coat....filling in more around the scuffed area as needed. 

They turned out wonderful!  Little Bit is loving them and wearing them every chance she gets!

Have you ever tried refashioning any shoes?


Menu Plan Monday

Monday ~ crockpot cheesy potato soup, bread
Tuesday ~ turkey, dressing, baked sweet potatoes, bread
Wednesday ~ scrambled eggs, bagels, bacon/sausage, fruit
Thursday ~ steak bites, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread
Friday ~ fish tacos, refried beans, chips & guac

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