{budget} butterfly birthday...

Little Bit's requests for her birthday "party" were for it to be a butterfly theme and to get together and play with some friends.  Well, at the time we had a dirt yard and nothing fun to play with in our yard.  Plus it is so hard to schedule things on the weekends and evenings with all the sports and family things going on.  So we planned an after school get together at the park!
We love having park parties.  All I did was provide a simple snack and party favor and we just let the kids play. 
I wanted to have an easy snack for the kiddos and tried to think of something butterflyish.  I found these pretzels at Aldi and they were butterfly shaped enough {if you use your imagination!} so we went with those.  {Plus they were safe for our friends with allergies.}

I also picked up a box of Aldi version capri suns. 

And you can't have a good birthday party without sending your guests home with some favors, right?!  So this is what I came up with...
I used some Market Pantry fruit snacks from Target, squeezed them together in the center and wrapped pipe cleaners around them to make butterflies!

We also found these butterfly blowers at the Dollar Tree!  The kids had a blast with them!  Also from the Dollar Tree I got some butterfly birthday napkins to serve the snack on. 

So for under $10 we were able to have a butterflyrific birthday!!!

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