boot refashion

So...who else has a child that scuffs their shoes the first or second time they wear them?!  It is so frustrating.  The number one reason I refuse to pay full price for kid shoes if I don't have to.  I buy most of Little Bit's shoes on clearance in the off season.

Enter the tan boots.  I scored these beauties on clearance at Target for around $6.  But the first time she wore them they were scuffed!  So I put my craftiness to the test and tried my hand at making them beautiful again. 
I taped off the toe area, spread on a layer of Mod Podge, sprinkled with glitter, then added another layer of Mod Podge, glitter and Mod Podge.  I let it dry about 20 minutes in between first and second coat.  Then the next day I added a 3rd spot coat....filling in more around the scuffed area as needed. 

They turned out wonderful!  Little Bit is loving them and wearing them every chance she gets!

Have you ever tried refashioning any shoes?

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