Avengers prize pack....enter now!

The second Avengers movie is hitting theaters on May 1st and I'm partnering with Meijer to celebrate the launch!  If you are a super hero fan, chances are you love the Avengers.  So keep reading to find out how to score an awesome Avengers prize pack!

Avengers-themed products are currently on the shelves at Meijer.  Kellogg’s, Nestle, and Dr. Pepper are all offering limited edition Avengers: Age of Ultron packages for products like Corn Flakes, Cheez-Its and fruit snacks.  Plus, check out Meijer mPerks where you can clip some coupons for extra savings on Avengers merchandise.

I created 2 movie night snacks that would be great for munching while watching the first Avengers movie, whether it is your first viewing or you just need a refresher before the second one is released.  Little Bit had fun helping with the first snack...we call it Movie Mix.

The ingredients we used were Skinny Pop popcorn, Meijer alphabet shaped pretzels, raisins and Avengers Cheez-Its & fruit snacks.  We had fun finding letter pretzels to spell out Avengers and adding them to our mix.  It would also be fun to find letters to spell all the super hero's names! 

For our individual bowls we used a half cup each of popcorn and Cheez-its.  {I think Little Bit added more Cheez-its to hers...She loves them!} Then we added our special pretzel letters, a packet of fruit snacks and small box of raisins to each bowl.

Just toss with a spoon or your hand and enjoy with a yummy Avengers Dr. Pepper!  I just love the combo of the Cheez-its, pretzel and popcorn.  So much salty goodness!!!

Little Bit's favorite is Captain America, so I decided to make a fruit tray using his shield as my inspiration.  I started by washing and slicing my strawberries.  Then I laid them around the edge of the plate, mixing in some grapes as well.  Then I added a ring of mini marshmallows.  In the center of the "shield" I added some fruit dip, with an "A" for Avengers cut from a strawberry!

Fruit Dip
8 oz. vanilla yogurt
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
Generous squirt of whipped topping

Mix ingredients together until everything is incorporated.  Enjoy eating with your favorite fruit and marshmallows!

Now who's ready to win an Avengers prize pack?!

Everything in these 2 pics is up for grabs.....Avengers 1 DVD, Avengers themed cereals & fruit snacks, 2 t-shirts, Hulk action figure, large plush Captain America, Hulk & Iron Man toys and a fleece blanket! 

Just leave me a comment letting me know your favorite Avengers character!  Giveaway will end Sunday, April 26th and I will announce the winner on Monday!  

Thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this giveaway.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.


McMamma said...

Iron Man (but it's really a toss up between him and Captain America)

Christine said...

After looking at this Eli my son says, "Iron man is my favorite because he has these iron shoes with little holes that blow him up into the air to fly.

Dulci Harms said...

Thor-- his hair is out of this world! (Heehee)

Dana Marcotte said...

I really like Iron Man. He's pretty awesome!!!

chickie717 said...

My favorite is The hulk... I love the Incredible Series on TV.. It was great how he helped so many people!

Lisa Olsen said...

Ironman. He's sassy and rich and my son is one of those things lol.