Deals of the Day...Big Lots, Jo-Ann's

Today, the little one and I went to check out the deals at Big Lots. Don't make it there too often, so thought it was time to go. I was kind of disappointed. Was hoping to find some good baby deals, but that was a bust. I did get some 100 calorie packs for $1.30 and $1.50 a box, plus a Veggie Tales DVD for $4.00.

We also stopped in Jo-Ann Fabrics and got this ribbon for .50 each! I probably should have bought more, but I am trying to only buy what I know I can use.


Jamie said...

cute! glad you didn't post pics of the 100 cal packs or i would want to eat some....and i ran out. :(

JenMarie said...

Great ribbon!
I need to find the Big Lots here.