Deals of the Day...Walgreens, Office Depot

Ok, so these aren't actually today's deals but I didn't get around to posting last night!

I went out shopping by myself...little one at home with daddy! My main purpose for going out was to pick up a few deals that were ending last night. I snagged the Sharpie deal from Office Max actually at Office Depot!...read about that adventure over at Milk Allergy Mom. I thought that would be my best deal of the day but while I was in Walgreens picking up the Celestial Seasonings Tea for .45 cents a box, I came across MY best deal of the day!...Walgreens Replacement Easy-Flex Heads.

We use an Oral B electric toothbrush at our house, which is great for your teeth, but we usually pay $20 for 3 replacement heads. Occasionally I use the 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond, but they are still $16. I never knew or even thought to look for generic. The Walgreens ones were marked $15.49 at my store, which is cheaper than the discounted price I usually pay. Plus, there was a $2 off coupon in the ES Catalog. But....when I got up to the checkout they rang up as $11.99 plus $2 off. So, the best deal to ME of the day was replacement toothbrush heads for only $9.99!!!

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JenMarie said...

WOW ~ way to go Mandy!