Birthday on a Budget...

1. Because I am cheap....but mainly
2. Because I couldn't find any Veggie Tales birthday theme stuff!

Since Little Bit is so into Veggie Tales, I decided that's what we do for her birthday. Then I started to look for theme stuff to use for her party. When I came up empty handed with my searches, I decided to see what I could make.

We did travel to have her family party, so I didn't need a whole lot of decor. I ended up making a Bob and Larry out of cardstock. I used circle and oval cutters when I could and freehanded the rest. Then I taped them on wooden skewers and stuck them in a pot filled with dry beans! I used red plates, green cups and white napkins....alot cheaper than buying themed stuff anyways!

We also had a little friend get together at the park. I wanted to give each kiddo a little favor keeping with the Veggie Tales theme. So, thinking ahead, I got some school supplies on the cheap. I got free folders at Office Depot and 20 cent crayons. Then I found a Veggie Tales coloring book at Dollar General for $1. I took the coloring book apart so each folder could have about 5-6 pages. Then I put a few crayons in snack baggies and added them to the folders. I printed a picture of Bob & Larry for the front and added each kiddos name to it. Who doesn't love to color?!For an easy snack at the park we had 100 Calorie Pack Oreo cookies, juice boxes and Veggie Tale fruit snacks!!!

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

and they were oh so cute. thanks!