Turkey Time!

November is such a fun time....I just love Thanksgiving! So leading up until turkey day Little Bit and I did had a wonderful time with a variety of activities and books!


thanksgiving, of course...what a great field trip to the grandparents house, seeing all our family and eating some yummo food!hand turkey...traced Little Bits hand on brown paper and then free handed some feathers in different colors {I did one last year too and it's neat to see her little hand grow!}

turkey plate...we made these at the library! we colored a turkey body, glued it to a small paper plate, then glued on construction paper feathers.

number leaves...{carry over from last month...she enjoys these so much} I numbered silk leaves {dollar section at Target} from 1-9...she loves counting them and throwing them up in the air!

pilgrim & indian cutouts...we had fun coloring these together and talking a little about the Thanksgiving story {I didn't have any craft sticks...so I used straws to make these into puppets}

coloring...picked up a turkey coloring page at a local restaurant, Little Bit colored it and then we took it back for a free cookie.

turkey sandwiches...{not really a snack..but fun lunches} turkey is by far her favorite lunch meat. she loves sandwiches cut into shapes. i just use my cookie cutters!
peanuts & candy corn

Five Silly Turkeys by Salina Yoon
Thanksgiving Mice! by Bethany Roberts
10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston
Thank You, Thanksgiving by David Milgrim

{don't forget...utilize your local library for reading material!!!}

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