more {essie} love!

I recently received another great selection of Essie nail polishes to try out from Meijer.  I was surprised to get a cute little journal in the box as well!  I am a sucker for a good journal!

The colors in the spring collection are navigate her, tour de finance, to buy or not to buy, orange it's obvious!, a crewed interest and ole caliente.  Three of which are pastels and three bright.  They are all super cute and Little Bit and I couldn't wait to try them out!

These are the 2 she picked to start with.  We painted her nails with the pink and did orange polka dots.  {She is into design nails these days!}  I forgot to take a picture though...oops!

We did them a second time and she picked green for the base and then purple for a stripe down the center!  Too cute!  I painted my nails with the green too....but didn't get a very good pic.  The color is a little out of my normal comfort zone but I really liked it. 

Then we decided to paint our toes to match using the tour de finance hot pink color.

We both love the Essie nail polish and all the fun colors!  Can't wait to try out another fun combination!  Thanks again to Meijer and Essie for the opportunity.

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