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My nail polish collection has been growing since receiving all the wonderful Essie collections to try out and review.  {I do love the Essie nail polish and all the wonderful colors!!!}  I had been storing all my polish in the medicine cabinet but it was overflowing and I couldn't see all the colors.  

 Then I received this batch of colors and they sat on the counter for a while....waiting for a new home.

While in Dollar General one day I saw this container in the summery plastic ware aisle.   It was labeled as a double food container {can't remember the exact name} and it was $5.....so I thought I'd give it a try.  I really wanted something clear but it was hard finding something the right depth with layers and what not....plus this has a nifty little handle if I need to tote it somewhere!

Here is what the insides look like.  In the green shorter one, I put all my tools I use when doing nails....cuticle sticks, files, clippers, vitamin E oil, lotion, toe separaters {not picutred}, etc.  Then in the deeper blue one I have all my polishes.  I tried to organize them by colors the best I could.

Now anytime Little Bit or myself need our nails done, I can just grab the containers and we have everything at our fingertips we might need to pretty up our fingertips....hehe!

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