Christmas card photos {displayed}...

Decorating the new house for Christmas was fun because I got to start from scratch basically, finding new homes for all my holiday goodness.  It was a good chance for me to weed through some of it and pick out my favorites.  Even though we have more space in this house, it seems I have less surfaces to display things on.  Which I am fine with...less is more, right!  

One thing I had to figure out was where to display Christmas card photos as they come in the mail.  I had always hung a card holder from a shelf before, but the shelf is now being used in my closet so.....

Remember the frame redo I did for my craft space.  Well since that space is open into the living room, I thought the frame would be the perfect place to display the photos!

So I cleaned off what was hanging there and started displaying the photos as they came in!  Love it!

To make it a little more festive I took some red and white striped washi tape and covered some of my mini clothes pins.  This was super simple to do and I love what it adds to the displayed cards! 

How do you display your Christmas cards?

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Mandy Ford said...

So cute! Great minds do think alike! :)