Christmas time is here....

We were driving in the car the other day and listening to Christmas songs on the radio.  I don't remember what the song was but it said something like "Christmas time is here or it's Christmas time...."   Little Bit then said "It TOTALLY is Christmas time!"....LOL!  I chuckled to myself.  This time of year is special...and a time to be celebrated.  We love to do extra special things to help ring in the season. 

Last year I put together this advent calendar for Little Bit and she loved it.  She was so excited to get up everyday and pick a card to see what was on the agenda for that day.  This year we are winging it a little more.  I still want to have fun activities to do together but didn't but up the advent calendar. 

The past couple years I have seen the lego advent calendars and thought they would be fun when Little Bit got older.  Well I saw a good deal on this Smurf one and decided to try it out this year.  The only problem is it's not here yet.  So we will start a few days late on that one but I don't think she will mind playing catch up.  She loves building!

I also wrapped all of our Christmas books and have them in a basket by the tree.  Little Bit can unwrap one each day til Christmas and we will read the story together.  This is something that I have worked over the last couple years accumulating books.  We still don't have 25 yet, about 18 I think, but I know we will pick up a few more before the season is over and we can read our favorites twice if need be!  A few places we have found reasonably priced Christmas books in the past are...Scholastic book orders {they always have a few selections for only $1!}, local library book sales, Goodwill, and clearance sales after Christmas.  I got the hardback of Llama, Llama Holiday Drama for a steal at Target 2 years ago!!!...love that series!

Pinterest is another great place to find ideas to do over the holidays.  I just came across this spot the difference printable that Little Bit and I can do today!

What traditions or plans do you have for celebrating this holiday season?!

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