back to school {organizing}

OMG...school has been in session for 3.5 weeks!  Little Bit is really enjoying it.  She loves riding the bus, eating breakfast at school, her teacher and making new friends!  

With school starting I knew there would be lots of papers to keep track of...bus schedule, specials schedule, word wall words, etc.  I wanted somewhere to keep it all that would be organized and cute at the same time!

So....I was racking my brain as to what I could make, where it would go and so forth.  Then I was sitting in my craft room and looked up from my computer.  I was like duh...repurpose the white board!  It's dry erase and magnetic...perfect.  Right now it was just a random hodgepodge of stuff and a bit of a mess.  Little Bit's desk was a bit of mess as well {it got a good cleaning too}!

I began be removing everything and laying out what I wanted to be displayed.  I chose a handwriting chart, specials schedule and word wall chart and clipped them onto twine that was already strung across the board.

I added a little banner spelling {school} across the top and mounted her bus schedule on some cute paper to help it stand out on the white.  I had some cute thought bubble post it notes that I stuck on the board for jotting quick notes and added a couple photos of Little Bit's first day of school!
At the bottom I straightened up her magnet letters and numbers and added 2 magnetic clips to hold artwork that we can change out.  I also love that I can write bible verses we are working on memorizing.

I love how it turned out!  Now my fridge isn't overflowing with papers and Little Bit knows right where to look when she wonders what special class she has each day...{she pretty much has them down now but I need help remembering}!   

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