{Frozen} Easter basket...

We are still loving Frozen at our house...singing, reading, watching and playing dolls!  Little Bit loves Elsa and when I saw these Anna and Elsa themed baskets that My Sister's Suitcase put together I knew what I was doing for Little Bit this year!  

If you still need some basket ideas these are super fun and easy to put together.  I decided to use most of the Elsa ideas with a few others added in.

It looks like I'm the queen....blue sequin crown is only $1 at Joann Fabrics!
Conceal don't feel...dress up gloves at Party City for about $3.  I really wanted white or light blue but this was the closest I could find.
Frozen fractals...rock candy, .99 from from Party City.
Some people are worth melting for...I put together a "melted Olaf"!  {3 white gum balls, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips and orange jelly bean nose.}
Carrots for Sven...bubbles shaped like carrots at the dollar store.
Big summer blowout...chocolate coins to "spend" at Oakens Trading Post!  Little Bit loves quoting the lines the shop owner says....it is too funny!

I also included a Frozen word search {Target dollar spot}, blue sparkle pen and notebook {Michaels} and six blue plastic eggs with little goodies inside.  

So once you decide what to put in your basket, just print out the labels from My Sister's Suitcase and attach them to your items.  I also made one tag of my own {big summer blowout}.  

Happy Easter!!! 

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