{PINK} boots

This week has been a getting back to normal week around here.  Being gone for 11 days on vacation is awesome but exhausting!  We had a wonderful time at Disneyland and exploring Southern California.  One of the highlights was horseback riding in Topanga Canyon.  It was Little Bit and my first time.  The people at Los Angeles Horseback Riding were wonderful and our guide Hailey was great...especially with Little Bit.  This was the only place we could find that would let a 6 year old ride.
Little Bit had a blast...she couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the trip...or now that we have gotten home.  Here she is with her horse Jacob.  ;)

This brings me to the pink boots!  These were our treasure of the week.  We were shopping at Goodwill yesterday and she found these pink cowgirl boots and fell in love!  They are a little big and have a few flaws so I wasn't sure about them.   She proved to me that she could walk in them...several times...all over the store...lol!  So I said ok...oh the life of a 6 year old! 

She wore them today and just looked so darn cute.  She has even been lassoing and holstering her guns...OMG!  She really thinks she's a cowgirl!  ;)  Some much joy for only a buck!

Now her goal is to get back on a horse in her new pink boots!  

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