Disposable dinnerware organization!

I LOVE to organize!  The new year always feels like a fresh start and a great time for some of those organizing projects that have been pushed aside because of the busy holidays.  I have a cabinet in my kitchen where I store paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils and the like.  It has really been driving me crazy for awhile but I just haven't done anything about it....until now!

Here is the before mess...which was actually worse, cause I had already taken a few things out before I remembered to take a pic!

I decided I needed some containers to get this mess under control!  I picked up a small 3 drawer organizer and a large plastic bin.  I also used a metal colander that I had in the cabinet.

I started by filling up the large bin.  I stacked the cups in a row along one side.  Then I stood the plates up on the other side.  The bowls, fit nicely inbetween and smaller beverage napkins are in the front.  I also had a few paper lunch sacks that went along the side of the plates.  


I used the 3 drawer organizer to contain the utensils.  I labeled the drawers using some letter stickers!  {I love this!!!}  Then I put our everyday napkin overflow in the metal colander.  It fits perfectly on top of the drawers. 

I'm so pleased with how it turned out!  No more cabinet chaos!!!  

What are you needing to organize this new year?!  I can think of a few other areas that need some attention! 

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