ready for summer....{duck tape bag}

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and Little Bit was bored!  She had watched a few YouTube videos on making things with Duct Tape and wanted to try something of her own.  We decided on a small bag/purse.  I found this tutorial on Pinterest and we got started!  
These are the only colors of tape that we had on hand so that's what we went with.  It was super easy to make and she loves how it turned out!  So much so that we have made a few other things since...some of her own creations even...LOL!  {lipstick, tissues, keyfob and wallet}

Instead of a garbage bag for the inside, we used a gallon ziplock bag.  I just cut across the top to remove the zipper part and then cut down the sides to have a long rectangular piece to work with. 
She LOVES it!

I can see more Duct Tape projects in our future.  These would be great to do this summer when the kids are out of school.  Little Bit still has 2 more days of school until her summer official starts, but we have already started making a list of project ideas!  Check out my Kiddos board on Pinterest to see what we might be up too!

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