Creative Corner...craft area

Here are a few pics of my craft area. I always enjoy checking out how other crafters have their spaces set up, so maybe you do too! I'm trying to work on my list of crafty projects this weekend. Tonight I made a birthday banner for "little bits" upcoming 1st birthday. I also need to work on scrapbooking, some taggie blankets, and other birthday decorations. What has your creative mind been up to lately?


Christy said...

Hi! I was really inspired by your taggy blankets and am actually thinking about making a few myself for some babies about to be born. I think I see how you made them, would you mind sharing your tips with me? Cute craft area by the way!

Shan said...

Love your craft area. Wish I had some space for one.

Tiffany Bauer said...

Love your area!!!