Product Review...Ecostore

Meijer will soon be carrying a new product line in their stores called Ecostore. The company creates eco-friendly, inexpensive household cleaning products. I was recently given the opportunity to try a couple of these products. They are made from plant and mineral based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals. "No Nasty Chemicals" is the foundation of the entire product line, so I was eager to try them out.

I am very sensitive to smell and most cleaners have such a strong smell I get a headache using them. Using the Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner was such a different story. The smell is light and doesn't seem to linger. I used it in the kitchen and bathroom. Surfaces looked and felt clean without giving me a headache! The Plant Based Laundry Liquid had a slightly stronger smell than the spray cleaner but it still wasn't a harsh scent. My clothes felt soft and had a nice fresh scent after being washed in the laundry liquid.

Check your local Meijer store for the availability of these products. If you don't have a Meijer store in your area and are interested in trying these products, they can be purchased online at Ecostore USA.

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