project {life}... week 8 & 9

Week 8...
Fun times with friends, trying a new place to eat {yummy sweet potato fries!}, checking out our lot all marked and ready to break ground, home show, and both our mom's were up for a visit.

Almost everything exciting this week was on Friday...what a busy day!!!

I just love the top picture...Little Bit is standing where her room will be in our new house! Love it!

And here is week 9....
I did do an insert this week and I included my 1st mini layout! I was inspired by Jenni at The Hufford House to try added a layout in with my photo insert pages. I really like the idea of highlighting something special and/or fun!

Here is the first side. It was all about breaking ground at our lot this week!

We also closed on our construction loan, got Little Bit signed up for soccer and battled sickness.

Here is the mini layout I did. It is a highlight of Little Bit with her new foam sword! She just loves playing pirate! ;)

This is what Little Bit was doing while her dad and I were signing papers at the bank for the construction loan. It was too cute for me not to save!

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