scarves {organized}

My scarves have been a mess for quite some time.  I have been using this hanging organizer that I picked up at Target a while back.  I think it is designed to hold belts....which I did have on the back side.  So all of my scarves were on one side, piled and piled on top of each other, constantly falling on the floor.  I decided it was time to revamp them.  I really liked the hanger organizer, so I took off all the belts {which I hardly wear anyways}, rolled up the three I kept and put them in a drawer.  Then I weeded out my scarves.  I got rid of about 5 I think. 
 So one side of the hanger holds more springy scarves...

While the other side has the more fall/wintery ones!  So much better!!!

How do you organize your scarves?  I have seen some people use a towel bar mounted in their closet and that seemed like a neat idea....maybe in the new house!!!

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Kris said...

mine(30 or so(shhhh) are hanging on the ends of my metal white closet shelves. The metal ones that are coated white and are very piecy. Don't know how else to explain but they sell at Lowes!!