Hey all...my poor blog is lacking some new posts. We have been BUSY with house stuff...and I am in garage sale mode. ;) I didn't even get a menu posted this week. We have been on the go and leftovers have been in play! I cooked some ham in the crockpot on Monday and we have been eating that all week!

Just a quick update on our house process...
We have windows and doors installed! Shingles are going on this week, and stone is on it's way! Inside more is happening....electrical, heating and air, and plumbing contractors are working. Things are moving right along. We are constantly making decisions and trying to think of everything we need to at the right time! ;)

We are also working on decluttering our house, getting it all set to sell. I have been busy sorting through drawers and shelves all around the house to see what to keep, sell or toss. Looking at garage sales 3 weekends in a row to clear out as much as we can! The less we have to move the better!!!

Hope to squeeze in some crafting soon!

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