project {life}...weeks 12 & 13

 Week 12...
This was Little Bit's spring break week and the end of our long weekend getaway! 

On the way home from Branson we stopping in St. Louis at the zoo.  It was super crowded and a little on the warm side but we had a great time.  Little Bit loved going from one animal to the next, discovering all that were at the zoo!  We also kept seeing progress on the new house....stud walls went up and Little Bit got to stand in her room! 

We enjoyed some time at Chuck E Cheese with good friends celebrating a birthday, looked at scrapbooks with my girl, mommy got a haircut, more items were purchased for the new house, and yummy lunch at Noodles & Co. {one of our favs to eat!}!

Week 13...
Lots of fun this week and some firsts!

Little Bit recently informed me that her favorite hairstyle was curly...even though she has only had it done once...lol.  So I curled her hair for school on Monday!  Fun times at the park and shopping with friends {we found out our Gap store was closing, boo} and had a fun night out with some girlfriends.

Library storytime, first time camping!!! {in the backyard}, egg hunt at Little Bit's preschool, trying out our new sponge rollers for curly church hair!, and trying out a new restaurant.

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