{pinwheel} mantel

I made some pinwheels for a 4th of July wreath a few years ago and they were super easy and fun to make.  I was wanting to change up the mantel to a more summery theme so I decided pinwheels would be the perfect element to add to my display!

I used this tutorial to make the pinwheels.  Then I needed to attach them to something so they could stand up in the jars.  So I grabbed a few straws and punched a little hole in them.

Then I used the brad in the pinwheel to attach the straw!

Here are a few close ups....I love the whimsy they add!  {I just love the chalkboard too!}

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Jamie Kaufmann said...

Yay! I thought about doing several in a row in white vases. But did I sell a bunch of my white vases??? I can't remember and only see two. What the heck??? ;) Yours look great!

Mandy said...

thanks! seems like you may have sold a few of your vases but not sure how many you had to start with. you can always check your yard sale bin to see if any survived the sale! ;)