sickness, soccer & seating...

Here's a random Thursday post for your reading pleasure ;)...

I didn't get around to making a menu plan this week because I have been feeling under the weather.  So we have just been winging it.  We may have had frozen pizza two nights this week....but you'll never know for sure cause I didn't post a menu on Monday!  ;) 

Sinus pressure + sore throat + cough + headache = blah!  Today was the first day this week I didn't feel like I needed to collapse on the couch when I got home from school though....so things might be on the upswing. 

Two positive things did happen this week though.  Little Bit's soccer season started on Tuesday night!  She had a blast and is looking forward to the next game tonight.  There are only 2 girls on the team and they have the same name!  Also, 4 of the 6 boys have the same name too!  How crazy is that?!

Here are a few shots of Little Bit at her first game...
 Doing some warm up drills during practice. 
 Patiently waiting her turn! 
She played goalie for 1 of the quarters.  Here she is getting ready to throw the ball back in after she stopped it!

The other fun thing from this week was getting some seating for our back patio area!  We have been looking for a while and just not knowing what to get.  Well since spring has sprung...or kind of at least...we decided it was time to get serious about our search.  We want to enjoy eating and just hanging out on our new patio while the weather is pleasant. 

Here is the glider we picked out for our covered deck. 

And here is our table...which I love!!!  The chairs we picked out for around the table match the glider. We found all these pieces at Menards.  
Now we just need the rain to blow over and the sun to come out so we can enjoy some meals outside! 

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Dana Marcotte said...

Love the table!! Hope you feel better soon.