family cooking night!

A couple weeks ago the hubs brought up the idea of a family cooking night.  One night a week we would all work together on preparing a dinner.  Little Bit loved the idea...she is such a good helper!  Now to come up with a meal that all of us would enjoy and be able to have a part in the making........

The hubs got out one of my cookbooks and landed on the recipe for Maryland fried chicken.  It had several steps and plenty for the three of us to do. 

We needed cracker crumbs....Little Bit loved beating the crackers to create our crumb mixture!
She has also been wanting to crack eggs ever since we read Eloise Breaks Some Eggs!  Lucky for her we needed eggs for this recipe!

The hubs got the job of de-skinning the chicken.  Fun stuff!  ;)  He did a great job!

After I dipped the chicken pieces into the egg wash I laid them in the crumb mixture and Little Bit would cover them up.  

Then we were ready to fry!
Our chicken stuck to the pan a bit but still turned out pretty darn tasty!  Little Bit said she was a great cook!  LOL!  

So glad to be getting her in the kitchen more and creating fun family memories together!!! 

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