{school supply} deals are on!

Little Bit is more than excited to be starting Kindergarten this fall. She has been ready forever it seems.  As for me...I'm getting there...she'll always be my baby girl.  But since she has a late September birthday we have had almost 6 great years at home together that I am so thankful for!  

Well...school supplies sections and sales are beginning this week!  Whether you have a little one getting ready for school, need supplies for around the house, or just love new paper and pens...{or all of the above, that's ME!}...get out there and get shopping!

Our first purchase was glue!  Little Bit needs 6 glue sticks and a bottle of liquid glue.  Glue sticks can usually be found for 25 cents each at Walmart.  These 2 packs were 50 cents each at Meijer.  I also saw them at Target for the same price.  The liquid glue was 50 cents also. 
Expo dry erase markers are also on her list.  These can be pricy...so I especially wanted to find a good deal on these.  This week they are on sale at Office Max for $1.00 for a 4 pack!  The kicker is you have to have the in ad coupon.  Well we don't get the paper, therefore I didn't have the ad.  I tried to just go in the store and pick up an ad.  They had the ads but not the coupons.  A worker told me they were only in the paper....bummer.  But the hubs to the rescue!  He asked if I had checked online.  Of course not...but I quickly did and found out I could get them online for the $1.00 price, select in store pick up and they were ready for me to pick up in a couple hours! 

I also added a 12 pack of black sharpie markers to my cart that were $1.00 on sale.  I use these at school frequently and a good deal is usually 2 or 3 markers for $1.00...so this is an amazing deal!

Last up for us this week was a backpack.  Toys R Us has a deal this week when you buy a backpack priced $12.99 or higher you get a free lunch bag.  Little Bit is all about Lalaloopsy.  We found a lunch bag early this year at Target that she had to have.  So now we needed a backpack to go with it...lol!  And we found one...Crumbs Sugar Cookie to the rescue!  ;)  Since she already had a lunch bag, I got the free one for me to use! 

Have you scored any good school supply deals yet this summer? 

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