{super} girl...

Little Bit has been wanting a new cape to play with.  I made her one several years ago but the neck bothered her and it wasn't quite long enough anymore.  Luckily I had seen and pinned an idea for one not that long ago.  So...as fast as a speeding bullet we were off to get supplies!  ;)

All it takes is an adult Large or Extra Large shirt and something to decorate it with.  We got our shirt from Hobby Lobby.  They are only $3.99 and usually on sale or you can use a coupon.  Plus they have lots of colors to choose from.  I let Little Bit pick the color shirt she wanted...we got an adult large because it looked plenty big for her. 

Now to cut!  I started at the back bottom left, just to the right of the side seam.  I cut up all the way to the shoulder, about 2 inches away from the neckline.  Then I cut around the neck of the shirt, making sure to leave the neck hole in tact.  Once you get to the other shoulder cut all the way down the back until you reach the bottom of the shirt.

Tada...now you have a wonderfully soft and easy to get on and off super girl {or boy} cape!  :)

We then took puff paints and got to decorating!  Little Bit really wanted to do the painting herself but the paints have to be shaken and squeezed just right, so she ended up telling me which color to use and what to draw!  Waiting for the paint to dry was the hardest part! 

Now she's off to save the day!

{Sidenote....We saved the rest of the shirt.  You should have been left with the sleeves attached to the front panel.  It would make a great smock wearing it with the panel in the front.  Or wear it the other way as a pretend doctors coat!  We had fun decorating it too while we had the paints out!}

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