my little artist...

Last month Little Bit went to an arty party for her bestie's birthday.  This was such a fun experience!  I wanted to be a kid again and join in on the fun! 

Here is Little Bit with the birthday girl.  Behind them is a fun chalk wall that the kids could draw on throughout the party.

Each child at the party got to paint a frame {which was later filled with a group picture} and a canvas.  I wasn't sure what Little Bit would fill the canvas up with but I just let her have at it.  I was SO impressed with her creativity.  They started out with black, white, yellow, red and blue paint.  She loved mixing colors to make new ones for her artwork. 

Here is her finished product! 

She loved the process so much that we stopped on the way home to get a couple canvases so she could create more masterpieces!  

She got to work right away on a butterfly and flower.  This was such a fun experience for her.  I enjoyed watching her excitement throughout the process! 

They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!...


So we made an art collage on some blank wall space in her room.  LOVE!!!

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