{on my nails}

I picked this nail polish up for free at Wal-mart last weekend.  It was only .93 and I had a coupon for $1.00 off a wet 'n wild product.  I would have never guessed it would have lasted as long as it did on my nails.  

This is day 3 and I have minimal tip damage...

I have a hard time keeping polish on my nails.  The last few times I have painted them I've used a base coat.  I think I was just too lazy to add this step before but this really helps extend the life of a manicure! 

Here is what I used...

Cutex Basework, wet 'n wild Wild Shine nail color in red, Sally Hansen Diamond Shine top coat

I think I ended up getting 5 days wear before it was chipping and I had to remove it!

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