{Dressed} and ready...

Little Bit starts school on WEDNESDAY!  I think I've been "back to school" nesting...school supplies are in the backpack, items are checked off the summer bucket list, snack & lunch items are organized and now the closet is in order!  Even with just one girl, picking out clothes for the day can be an ordeal!  We've tried picking out clothes the night before but sometimes we forget and then we run late in morning and tears are often shed.  So I wanted to start planning a weeks worth and have them organized and ready to go.  I searched Pinterest for some ideas and thought this one would work best for us. 

I found several colored hangers and thought these would be great for the weekly outfits.  All of the rest of Little Bits hangers are white, so these stand out as special.  I also gathered some gallon sized ziplock bags, scissors and a sharpie.  I wrote one day on each bag and then cut a small hole so it would slide over the hanger. 

Little Bit was so on board with getting her clothes picked out we have Sunday thru Saturday for the coming week ready to go!  Here they are all hanging in her closet.

Now we can just grab the next days hanger, put it on her dresser with shoes underneath and she is all set!  This is Sunday's outfit all ready to go.

We decided to hang the dress or shirt on the hanger and then the bottoms, socks and accessories go in the bag!  
I sure hope we can keep this up!  Now maybe I should do this for me too?!  ;)

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