Menu Plan Monday...{on Tuesday}

One of Little Bit's favorite meals is mexican.  She loves her a quesadilla, taco, beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, chips...she loves it all!  So we have decided to deem Tuesdays...Taco Tuesday.  We will have beef tacos, chicken tacos, fish tacos, quesadillas, taco soup...anything mexican goes on Tuesday!

Monday ~ scrambled eggs, bagels, bacon, fruit
Tuesday ~ Taco Tuesday...chicken tacos, refried beans, chips & salsa
Wednesday ~ 1st day of 1st grade...pizza night!
Thursday ~ fish sticks, mac & cheese, sauteed squash medley
Friday ~ crockpot pork chops, carrots, mashed potatoes

Linking up with Org Junkie...check them out for more recipes.

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