The Happy Planner

I have always loved a good planner, but more for keeping track of events and memories.   I use the planner as a reference while scrapbooking! When I saw The Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas, I knew this was the planner for me.  I get to paper craft on a smaller level while keeping track of appointments and family fun.   It also allows me a place for menu planning,  lists,  and keeping track of exercise and water intake.  I also love that it is easy to personalize your planner, like by adding bible verses and inspirational quotes.   These stickers from Me & My Big Ideas are my favorite!

I also love that the disc bound system makes it easy to remove pages to decorate.  I recently tried adding a decorative card to my planner.  I took a page out, lined the card up where I wanted the holes and made a mark in each slot with a pen.  Then I used a regular hole punch on each dot.  Next I used a rectangle punch to create the slit.  This card easily goes in and out of my planner.  LOVE it...can't wait to add more personal touches like this!

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