zucchini noodles

It is garden season and one of my favorite fresh veggies this time of year is zucchini!  But when it comes to fixing it I pretty much either saute it or use it in this pasta dish.  Recently I came across some recipes using zucchini noodles made with a spirooli slicer and peeler.  I was anxious to try it out. 
A major plus is I already had this funky contraption!!!  We bought ours years ago to use with potatoes and then after the newness wore off it got put in a cabinet and forgot about.  I think we might have tried it with apples too. 

Little Bit was excited to try out the spirooli once she saw it!  But of course she didn't want to eat the zucchini...oh well!  We still had fun making it together.  ;)

Once our noodles were cut I just sauteed them in some olive oil with minced garlic and mushrooms.   Such a delicious new side dish!!!  I want to try this shrimp scampi recipe next! 

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