1st day of school...

So we are 2 weeks into school but still thought I would share our 1st day pics!  It is extra special this year because it was Little Bits 1st day of her last year of preschool...and my 1st day of my 1st year of teaching!  

Look at my big girl!  I tell her all the time I'm going to put a brick on her head to keep her from growing anymore...hehe!  Why do they have to grow up so fast?!  
 We were both pretty excited to get our first day started! 

She couldn't wait to get inside!  I was wanting to savor the moment and snap some pics.  ;)

Here are a few pics of my classroom...
 My theme is owls!!!

I made this tree for the wall using brown paper shopping bags.  I then cut some leaves out of various green paper to add to the tree.  The first day of school I had all the kids stamp their hands in green paint, I have cut them out and added them as more leaves to my tree.  I added a sign that says "Our friendship grows every day!"

So far so good....I love that I have the same hours as Little Bit.  She loves having me at "her" school!  ;)

How did your first days of school go?


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness how big she has gotten!!!!! She is beautiful. Love your classroom and it sounds like things are going great. Congrats!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Your room is so cute and bright, love it!

Mandy said...

thanks girls!