target finds...

When I was in Target last week I stumbled upon 2 great clearance deals....at least I thought they were pretty great! 

First up is adhesive!  Since I craft quite a bit I'm always running out of double sided adhesive.  My favorite kind to use is a roller dot adhesive.  I really like American Crafts and Scotch brands.  So when I saw this Scotch adhesive roller on clearance for $1.12 a roll, I snatched a few up...{probably should have gotten more}!  You only get about half the amount of adhesive than in the other Scotch one but it is still a better price!  If you are a crafter and you are going to be in Target soon....check out both the stationary and school supply section for this clearance deal!  I found it both places.

Next is this water bottle.  I bought it for us to take to Disney {when we go in a few weeks!}.  We usually take a mister bottle but the nozzle sometime falls off and it doesn't always spray well, etc.  But Little Bit loves having one with us and it is great for the super hot days...and good entertainment sometimes when waiting in long lines!  So when I saw this water bottle/mister for only $2.38 I thought I would try it out!  It has a little handle to hang from our stroller.  The opening is large enough to put ice in, so the water will be super cold!  It also eliminates one thing we have to carry....we won't have to bring a water bottle and a mister.  Since we are flying, the lighter we can pack the better!  {I found this in the sporting goods section.}

What great deals have you stumbled upon lately?

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