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I was so excited to receive this box of goodies from Meijer featuring new products from Campbells & Pepperidge Farms.   Included was a Meijer reusable tote, Campbell's Skillet Sauce, Campbell's Go Soup Pouch, Campbell's Gourmet Bisque, V8 V-Fusion Kids Juice, and Pepperidge Farm Jingos!

The first thing I wanted to try was the Skillet Sauce.  The one I received was for Scampi.  I just love shrimp scampi, so I was super excited about this product.   It was very easy to make.  You just heat some oil in a skillet and cook your shrimp, then add the sauce packet.  I made some angel hair pasta to serve with it.  My husband and I enjoyed the meal but weren't blown away by it.  I won't be adding this recipe to our favorites list but it is something I will keep on the back burner if I see a good shrimp deal and am in the mood for scampi!

Little Bit was anxious to try the juice, which she loved!  I took a little sip and it was very tasty.  She even asked for another one the next day.  Guess I will add these to my shopping list. ;)

We also tried the Jingos crackers.  The whole family loved them.  We had the fiesta cheddar flavor and they were yummo!  I think we ate 3/4 the box in one sitting. ;)  I even found a printable coupon for $1.00 off to use on our next box!  I plan on adding these to our shopping list too!

Don't forget to sign up at mperks.meijer.com to start saving on your upcoming shopping trips with digital coupons!

Thanks again to Meijer for this opportunity!  The opinions were all mine.

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