easy peasy...Kraft Recipe Makers!

Here are some more goodies that I received from Meijer!  New Kraft Recipe Makers, Capri Sun and Crystal Light were in my box of samples. 

I was eager to try the Recipe Makers because they looked so easy and yummy!

Here is the Chicken Caccitore all in the crockpot and ready to cook.  The kit comes with 2 sauces.  One went in the bottom of the crock.  Then I added in frozen chicken breasts, green pepper and mushrooms.  I topped that with the other sauce, put the lid on and cooked for 6-8 hours on low heat.

Right before serving I cooked some tri-color noodles to serve with the chicken caccitore.  It was pretty good.  I'm not a huge green pepper fan but overall this was a yummy dish.  The hubs said he would eat it again!

We also tried the Verde Chicken Enchilada, which was an oven recipe.  We liked it even better!  {I forgot to take pics though...sorry!}  The only extras you need for it are soft tortilla shells, shredded chicken and cheese.  These dishes are great for when you need a dinner in a pinch....or have limited ingredients.  I always have chicken and cheese on hand....and most of the time tortillas too!

So if you are looking for easy dinner ideas, head on over to Meijer and try some of these Recipe Makers for yourself!

{Thanks to Meijer for the opportunity to try these products.  All opinions are my own!}

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Dana Marcotte said...

These looked awesome!! I will be heading grocery shopping in the next few days and will definitely pick one or more of these up. Thanks for the review!!