Disney {cast} member

Did you know that we just went to Disney with their newest "cast" member!  LOL...we got that joke several times while we were there.  To back up a little for those of you who aren't friends with me on Facebook, Little Bit broke her arm the day after preschool was over.  Which was less than 2 weeks before our trip to Disney!  Poor little thing lost her balance and fell while playing at a friends house.

She was such a trooper and has managaed with the cast very well.  The only major downfall is it can't get wet.  Several of our friends asked if we got a water cast.  Our doctor told us they don't reccomend them for smaller children and especially don't do them when the cast goes over the elbow.  So I just carry a plastic bag with me everywhere to be able to cover her arm in a moments notice.

Luckily the start to our summer hasn't been consistently warm, so we really have't had an opportunity to swim.  There were only a few times we had to cover her up on a ride at Disney.  But several times she had to wear her poncho due to rain.

She does not let the cast slow her down one bit!  She can do just about everything and the doctor said it is good for her to use her fingers and move the shoulder around as much as possible.  However she is learning to do alot more left handed...which I think is nothing but beneficial to her!

One of her most favorite things was geting characters to sign her cast.  Her most favorite new to us character that we met was the Queen of Hearts.  She was such a fun character to interact with!  The other great surprise was having Buzz Lightyear sign her cast.  Buzz usually just uses a stamp in autograph books.  But the photographer told us to ask him if he would sign and he willingly did!  Don't know if we will keep the cast once it's off, but we will definitely have LOTS of photos!

Overall we had an amazing trip!  We are already looking forward to our next trip back there in September!  ;)

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